3 Sorten Kohl: Grünkohl, Rotkohl, Weißkohl

Cool cabbage: modern and crunchy

Cabbage can be cool. Don’t “beleaf” us? Okay, we admit that cabbage often seems quite simple and old-fashioned. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But with a modern twist and served up deliciously crunchy, this classic has been catapulted into today’s hipster cuisine. And as a vitamin booster it will steel your body for

Kürbissuppe mit Süßkartoffeln und Äpfeln in einer Schüssel

Squash, sweet potato & apple bisque

A delicious vegan soup with a bright orange color, earthy sweetness from the squash, sweet potatoes, apples, and aromatic thyme – it’s a real winter warmer for body and soul, even on cold days. Squash, sweet potato & apple bisque Print Recipe Rezept drucken Squash, sweet potato & apple bisque Rezept drucken Print Recipe Servings