Hummus aus gruenen Erbsen von Aramark

Green pea hummus

The fresh green is a real eye-catcher. Green peas pimp this hummus with a particularly tangy flavor and plenty of plant protein power. Green pea hummus Print Recipe Rezept drucken Green pea hummus Rezept drucken Print Recipe Servings 4 Servings 4 Ingredients 500 g green peas frozen1 organic lemon1 clove of garlic80 g tahini40 ml

Levantine cuisine: Turkey Rfissa

Rfissa is a typical Levantine dish. In Eastern Mediterranean countries – also known as the Levant – this traditional dish is often served on special occasions. Ras el hanout and a few threads of saffron give this turkey rfissa its characteristic aroma. Levantine cuisine: Turkey Rfissa Print Recipe Print Recipe Levantine cuisine: Turkey Rfissa Print