Overnight Oats to go

This hearty power breakfast of oats, apricots and pistachios is perfect for packing up and taking with you.  All the ingredients are simply put into a jar and you simply add water when you’re ready to eat.  Find out why oats are such an excellent breakfast booster, how you can prepare them in the evenings

BBQ Chicken Bowl mit Curry-Dressing

BBQ-Chicken-Bowl with Curry-Dressing

Original barbecue feeling in a bowl: Chicken breast fillets marinated in BBQ seasoning cavorts with golden millet in a colorful bowl of fine cauliflower florets, carrots, iceberg lettuce and bright red pomegranate seeds. A hearty topping of sunflower and pumpkin seeds and puffed amaranth adds bite. BBQ in a bowl – excitingly different. BBQ-Chicken-Bowl with