Gebackener Chili-Rosenkohl mit karamellisierten Kartoffeln

Chili Brussels sprouts with caramelized carrots and pomegranate seeds

For a wonderfully modern and savory experience, try the chile-marinated and roasted Brussels sprouts, accompanied by crunchy caramelized carrots and fragrant thyme potatoes, sprinkled with fresh pomegranate seeds and crunchy hazelnuts. Baked chili Brussels sprouts with caramelized carrots, thyme potatoes, pomegranate seeds and hazelnuts Print Recipe Rezept drucken Baked chili Brussels sprouts with caramelized carrots,

Huelsenfruchtsalat mit gebratenem Seelachsfilet

Pulse salad and baked fillet of pollack

This delicious salad of chickpeas and lentils with aromatic pumpkin, crunchy lettuce and refreshing pomegranate seeds provides concentrated protein power and plenty of vitamins. It is served with pollock fillet baked in a lemon marinade. Hülsenfruchtsalat und gebratenes Seelachsfilet Print Recipe Rezept drucken Hülsenfruchtsalat und gebratenes Seelachsfilet Rezept drucken Print Recipe Servings 4 Servings 4