Marokkanische Hähnchen Tajine nach Aramark Rezept

Moroccan chicken tagine

This typical Moroccan stew is made from prime chicken meat braised in an aromatic tomato broth together with vegetables, chickpeas, raisins, olives and almonds, and is full of the seductive fragrances of Maghreb spices. A delicious indulgence cooked in a tagine – a Moroccan earthenware braising pot. It can also be made in a normal

Levantine cuisine: Turkey Rfissa

Rfissa is a typical Levantine dish. In Eastern Mediterranean countries – also known as the Levant – this traditional dish is often served on special occasions. Ras el hanout and a few threads of saffron give this turkey rfissa its characteristic aroma. Levantine cuisine: Turkey Rfissa Print Recipe Print Recipe Levantine cuisine: Turkey Rfissa Print